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Work and such.

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Holá compadres!

As you migth have noticed if you've been here before, not much has happened with the site since I launched it. But that has it's reasons, there's a lot going on in my life these days, both personal and professional, and the biggest news must be that I've scored a permanent position at the place I've been at for the last year! Signed the agreement this week, and now I'm on vacation for 2 weeks before going full throttle again.

On development side of things, it's looking quite good, I've just configured a debian server on my daughters (and my own) old stationary, this will be a hub that will run day and night, hooked up to tha intrawebz, I've installed ssh access so that I can administer it from wherever I might be, and it'll be primarly a webserver for a project I'm working on.

I've also got a Macbook Pro Retina from work, so I'm hacking away at that pretty much 100% these days, it's great to use when you need to access stuff over SSH, and it's awesome as a media computer, working with Photoshop and such! So it's great all around.

Well, I'm trying to get back to art stuffs again, and with the new computer I'm taking good steps twards that. Updates to come later, but for now you'll have to make do with them news updates! Hopefully I'll update this site more often! That's all for now ppl! Cheerioz!

Been a busy bee indeed

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Holá people!

Been a while since I updated the blog, so here comes some updates on recent events. I've been hard at work at work and at home, been working on a community framework that I'm cooking together with my ol' buddy over at Art & Magick, this has been in planning for years really, and I've tried to pull it off earlier as well, but I really haven't had the experience and knowledge to code the bugger. Well, all that has changed now, I've learned a lot when it comes to webdevelopment this last year, mostly due to my position as an software developer at my dayjob. So now I'm ready to grab the bull by the horns again so to speak. I've gotten the basics up n' running, but right now I feel that I need to read up on some optimizing when it comes to the data model that will run on the site, we will have limited server resources at start so I need to make the data base and the connections as optimized as possible so that we can save some performance on that part. And right now I'm actually working on a webpage for a local resturant, so I'm a bit off the track at the moment, but fear not!

As for this page, I will update some core stuff as I've done some nice coding for the community site, I will update the router and class loader, now I need to put all the classes into the loader manually, but for the community site I've written a function that scouts the file system and loads the classes that's in the application directories and sub-dirs.

Sooo! There's a lot in the pipline, and lastly I've finally gotten a fiber internet connection, so stuff is going in blistering speeds here in Hackås! Very well, time to get at it, I'll try to keep ye all updated when updates comes!


Site development updates

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Hey there good people!

Just dropping by to give ye all an update on the site development, I've been hard at work to integrate the Image Theatre plugin so that it works more closely with the site (much backend work to give the site neat features like importing galleries directly into the rich text editor and such) and it goes pretty well, whilst working on it I've encountered many bugs, so this will be a pretty wide development cycle, hopefully I'll have something finished by the end of the week.

I've also brought upon me a job designing and coding a website for a local resturant, so that'll take away some precious time as well, hopefully I can slam that one together within a couple of days and get back to this site with renewed force.

I also need to start planing on the custom built audio player that I want to use on the site to display my audio content, this will be at first a playlist application, but also something that gives the HTML5 audio player a more appropriate design, it'll be an interesting project for sure, and it's one of the corner stones of this sites development plans. After I've finished that I can concentrate on content for the site! Starting to be creative again which I've been missing for the last year due to getting used to have a dayjob!

Anyways, just a quick update for ya'll, drop by again for more l8orz! Cheers!

More on Image Theatre

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Holá folks! Just dropping by to give you the latest on the Image Theatre development, I managed to finish up the second view state t'day (grid view) and got the basic controls and functionality working. Now I just need to polish the details (thumbnail sizes, scroll speed exc exc) but after that I only have the content view left before I can release the plugin on the site, at first this will be a pretty basic feature, but I will continue to build on it and make it prettier and more of an all-around gallery application.Tomorrow I will start working on the content view and hopefully it'll get finished by bedtime, I might not upload and implement it to the site, but that'll come soonish.

Now it's time for my beut sleep (reading Clive Barkers Imajica, it's a bloody good read as well) but rest assured theres a lot in the pipeline for the site the coming weeks, so keep yer peepers pealed for more updates!


Image Theatre updates

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T'day I've been doing some work on the Image Theatre that will have a prominent part of this site in the future, what is Image Theatre then, well it's a plugin like thing that makes it more enjoyable to browse my image galleries in the future (right now they are non existent as I want to finish a beta version of Image Theatre before I launch the art section of the site). You will be able to browse my art and visuals in a relaxed way, switch background from black to white to get the best contrast betwixt image and background, switch between windowed and fullscreen mode and choose between 3 different view modes (grid, horizontal scroll and slideshow) to get the best possible experience.

The plugin is in an early development stage at the moment, but I hope to get it up and running asap, and it's also open source, so if you want to use it in the future, or fork it on git, just head on over to the repo page and go at it:

Anyway, need to polish some other things on the site as well, but it's growing to become something I feel is representable for myself at least, will be doing some sketching to nail a design I want to go with in the end, I've built the code so that it'll get easy to inject different designs straight into the css, so the visual profile of the site will probably go through a lot of changes in the start!

Anyways, that's all I got for t'day, more updates will come soon hopefully, so keep yer peepers pealed!

First peek online!

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Holá Compadres!

I finally got to post my hard work that this blog system has cost me, I've been hard at work on it for a couple of weeks and it still has a long way to go, I got much in plan for it, it needs to take care of all my online needs when it comes to exposure, I want to post art, music and game development updates here, as well as a portfolio of these things, and above that I want it to look good, be easy to navigate and feel like a whole, not fragmented into tiny bits spread all over the place.

I also want a place where I can rant all I want without making a complete fool out of myself, and if it doesn't feel right to post it for everybody I just uncheck the Publish? checkbox! Awesome! hehe, well, as I've said there's still a shitload of things I need to fix before I can say it's all complete, a nice design for instance. The design that is present now is really not my bag, I need to make something that can symbolize my own artstyle more, but not make it to chaotic as I want to let the viewer enjoy the content and not put to much attention into the actual site.

There will be some cool things coming up soon, and I'll try my best to keep ye all updated on the progress of this. I might post the different projects in the project section so that you guys n' galz can read more about it (or for me to get it down solid in text so that I don't forget to do the stuff I want to do).

Anyways, that's all for now, I hope ye'll drop by from now and then, and soon I'll let ye all comment on blog posts and content as well (features features!)


Concept Art

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Here's a collection with most of the concept art I've done during my years in the game development business!

Searching for Demons

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The Searching for demons series has been with me for some years now, it started out as an experiment to use chaos as a basic design source, then it has grown on me and I can say that this is probably as close to Glenn as art comes, will continue to develop the techniques and extend on different mediums in the future.


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Well, you're on it! This here website is one of my currently most active projects, I want to create something that can put my online presence in better light than all the current social networks and whatnot can. I want a page that connect everything I do into one solid point where everything is shared and nothing is forgotten! Here I can keep track of both art, music and game development, and probably combine them all to make a great platform for me to reach out into the world!

Cthulhu Breaker

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Cthulhu Breaker is an Arkanoid or Breakout clone, set in the deep seas where you control a state of the art submarine to shoot it out with the elderones and their evil cultists. The game is not really finished on any platform but has today a version i Java, HTML5 and Android. Might pick this one up in the future when I feel like doing something arkanoidish again. I actually had plans to make a shootem up part to the game as well, where the sub transfoms from the breakout bat to a hungry hunter sub that was hellbent on killin' elder things and bringing down Cthulhu for good (which is impossible really).

Look for more about this title in the future!


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Chainsawtan was born many years ago, a project that grew from 2 wicked minds, the music is something of a mix betwixt horror billy and black metal, the tunes needs to be groovy and heavy, and the lyrics are based on horror themes or movies.

Chainsawtan has released one demo called Demon and played one gig at Forlorn Fest 2010, after this we've been pretty much on ice, waiting for the right moment to come to rise up from our graves and put the groove out there once more, stay tuned people!

Nuke Mutants: Adventures

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Nuke Mutants: Adventures is set in an post-apocalyptic world where everything has gone to boggers, mankind is growing sparse and the wastelands is roaming with beasts of the apocalypse and mutants of doom. The player starts of at a outpost and explores the areas around him, getting quests from the locals and finding all kinds of dangers and treasures from the past as he goes.

Website - Wiki

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I want to create something that is like a wiki for my webpage, but I want to make it myself, to have a nice place to put all my stuff on and categorize it in a good way, I might make something of a forum as well, might be as good as a wiki. Anyway, I need a good place to collect all my assets that gives me a good overview on projects and such.